English Survival Kit For Tax Professionals - Part 2

Miércoles, 25 de marzo de 19,30 a 21,00 horas.
CEF.- C/ Alboraia, 23, Valencia

Ponencia gratuita


Inma Hernandez Alfaro: Lawyer-Linguist


  • This workshop has been designed for tax professionals who use English at work.
  • The aim of this workshop is to help them improve their ability to communicate in and understand tax English and, in particular, in relation to Corporation Tax.  
  • The ultimate aim is to help students be able to understand, produce, interact and mediate in English in relation to real cases on Corporation Tax.


  • Main terms and expressions in relation to Corporation Tax.
  • Case studies: reception, production, interaction and mediation activities in relation to Corporation Tax.

La jornada se desarrollará íntegramente en inglés. Nivel mínimo requerido B1 (CEFR).

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